Kake Da Hotel

If you are talking about all the good places of Delhi, you can’t afford to miss, mentioning Kake Da Hotel. This restaurant may not look that impressive from the outside, but it surely serves some of the best Punjabi food in the city.

Located in Connaught Place, the restaurant is functioning since 1931 and serves a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The place is well known for its excellent Tandoori Chicken and delectable mutton curry.

80 percent of the clientele that frequent Kake Da Hotel know exactly what they want. The restaurant isn’t that big and serves mainly Chicken, Mutton, Fish and a few vegetarian items.

I went there last week with couple of friends and ordered one portion each of Butter Chicken (Rs 90), Mutton Saagwala (Rs 100), Shahi Paneer (Rs 65) and Rotis (Rs 5 each).

The restaurant prides itself for cooking everything in Desi Ghee, which might not, makes it the healthiest food,unless you just did 10 rounds of jogging around Connaught Place at 19km/hr, but it makes your food taste very, very delicious.

The decor might depress you, but the food surely makes up for it. And if you are residing in South Delhi, Kake Da Hotel also has its branch at DDA Market, Panchsheel Enclave.

Meal for two will cost you Rs 300 and it is highly recommended for authentic non- vegetarian food.


Taste the power of Spices with Masala Art!

Spices can do wonders to the taste of your food and this is what they prove at Masala Art! This grand restaurant at the Taj Hotel plays well with all sorts of spices to innovate and present intoxicating delicacies in food!

Perhaps there aren’t many five start restaurants offering Spicy food and this is where Masala Art begs to differ and succeeds in the endeavour.

The ambience is elegant with glass walls, wooden flooring, wooden ceiling and live counters! Where the ambience brings a breath of fresh air, the food also does not fail to please the appetite! The restaurant keeps its promise of adding the right ingredients to spice up the food.

Do begin your feast with Bhatti Ka Murgh… a delicious roasted chicken dish which is cooked just to the optimum level which does not burn it like many other restaurants do. The menu carries a cluster of Indian delicacies like the crispy Khushk Raan, the mesmerizing Zeere Wala Murgh Tikka, the fried Prawns dish Tawa Jhinga. Every dish here is a well thought well cooked and well served delight!

A delightful treat is the glass of sugarcane juice that comes complimentary with every meal!

Feel the Mist

How does the thought of being surrounded by water droplets and soft mist feel? Well this place as is serene as this thought!

Being one of the four remarkable restaurants at The Park Hotel, Mist draws its inspiration from one of the five elements on Vastu Shastra… Water! Within the 5 star hotel located in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place dwell some of the best food destinations. Mist being the 24 hours dining restaurant with highly relaxing vibes.

As the name suggests, blue visibly dominates the ambience bringing a soothing feel to the place. The centre wall covered with water droplets becomes invariably the main point of attention. The use of glass, marble and different shades of thematic blue accentuates the soothing aura and the water effect within the restaurant atmosphere! The other seeker of your attention there will be the integrated screen with video art at the end of the wall showcasing waterfalls!

When you are done with the gazing around you’ll be confronted with the ripples of great Italian food which dominates the menu. The variety of food is as interesting here as the decor itself! Starting from the most loved thin crust Pizzas and Pasta delicacies, the menu also offers a wide selection of sandwiches. There are Asian dishes like Kerala Prawn Curry and Lemon Grass Rice that are definitely worth a try! Vegetarians have quite many reasons to smile too… the menu offers great selection in vegetarian food as well.

Now if you were waiting for the mention of the red devil… here it is! They have interesting Wine selections from across the world along with fun cocktails. For the ones who would prefer other beverages, there are yoghurt shakes in various flavours and other options. The menu has all that you could ask for!

Mist is a great experience and a must visit for the ones who haven’t. On my rate card this place gets a proud 9!

Source: http://www.theparkhotels.com

At Chonas with Friends

After a long break I was back in Delhi and the first thing that came to my mind was going out with old buddies for a drink (or maybe two!) We met at Khan Market and one of my friends insisted to go to Chonas, the restaurant infamous for sizzlers I had heard.

As we entered the place was quite crowded, maybe because it was Saturday night or perhaps this place really rocks! I liked the stylish wooden interiors we headed for drinks and I could see a long list of Indian and Imported beers which was impressive. Some of them were the ones we don’t usually find.

Stella Artois works wonders for me and I was glad to find it here as it always makes drinking a great experience! The prices were decent and the aroma of food I was getting was telling me that there is a great dining experience awaited as well!

We later moved on for dinner and tried some great sizzlers like Prawn Sizzler and Lamb Steak. Food was great and served in time! For mains I ordered simple Butter Chicken as it had been long since I tasted good Indian food! The dish was well cooked and the thick curry was pleasing my taste buds! You don’t find good non vegetarian food everywhere and there is always an uncertainty while trying it at a new restaurant but this one came out to be a good experience. I would recommend Chonas to all!

Mandarin Trail

After being a patron of Ruby Tuesday for a long long time I came across another addictive restaurant Mandarin Trail which I later discovered was run by the same RTC group that set up Ruby Tuesday. So my loyalties don’t change while I get a different taste!

The restaurant, located in The Great India Palace Mall, Noida has a very chic look with red, white and black decor. The lounge has black and white seating with huge red and black round light tubes hanging from the roof! When you’re there you feel like being at peace and simply enjoying the clean and neat ambience with some great and simple Chinese food.

What I liked the most about the restaurant is that they have simple and basic Chinese dishes on the menu and not weird unfamiliar names that leave you pondering over the dish!

Fresh Beans Hakka Style is my ideal starter while you can pick from a variety of Dimsums which are hot, fresh and scrumptious , tasty soups and well presented noodles. Sea food too is great here, Steamed Fish in Scallion sauce is a must try! And so is Sauteed Prawns in Black Pepper.  They have some great vegetarian offerings as well, Diced Potato being one of my favourites apart from Chicken Greens in White Garlic Sauce.

Mandarin Trail is definitely worthy of a visit for all Chinese lovers and the rest of the visit will surely follow!

My Humble House

What comes out when you put a splendid Japanese minimalistic  ambience and contemporary Chinese cuisine together… a memorable dining experience! Well that is the promise of My Humble House, I really love the name to start with!

Located at theiconic ITC Maurya Hotel, the restaurant gives you an unforgettable dining experience and warmth.  If you have a sweet spot for Chinese food then this place will leave you wanting more… the ambience is to watch out for, majestically designed and sheer excellence is what I define the decor as. The glass doors, straight line seating, detailed furnishings and refined architecture fills the place with a classy aura. The lighting is subtle or should I rather term it humble, while the bar area is warmly lit.

The bar lounge has a fairly good collection of wines and spirits to match your palate, mood and the company you are with  but the real fun is where the food is… the 114-seater dining area is a calm spot where you’ll find people deeply immersed in their Chinese delicacies. Add yourself to the league by choosing amongst the fresh and great delicacies prepared to perfection. Try the Baked Lobster with Miso and Cheese which is a rare but must have dish, as are the Fried Prawns Glazed with Wasabi Mayonnaise. If rice is your favourite, don’t miss the Tomyand Minced Chicken Fried Rice there along with other great options!

To end, this place manages to make a place in the tummy if not the heart of each one who visits… so if you are a Chinese food lover, you gotta check this one out.

Wine n Dine at Chonas!

After a tiring long week, I woke up on a boring Sunday afternoon… hey! That sounded like the song Lemon Tree! Anyway, I knew I had to party but my dearest friend wanted to take me to his favourite wine n dine destination.

We landed at Khan Market in the evening and he took me to Chonas which looked like a nice restaurant cum bar. He had been boasting about the wines and sizzlers all through the way so I knew it is something good in here for us!

We entered and as expected, headed straight towards the bar. The menu had some great wines like Claar Cellars which I was looking for since I had tasted it abroad. They have some good ones from Australian, African and Italian origin. Australian Shiraz being my personal favourite I had to go for it while my friend settled for a Merlot. There were some nice cocktails on the card but wine is what works for me!

I have not been able to change my habit of having wine along with dinner but in India its different, people prefer to have wine followed by dinner… well! we ordered soon after and there was this great sizzler – Shredded Chicken in black bean sauce which I would rate an 8, for mains we went for some continental. I ordered Grilled Herb Chicken which was well cooked while my friend went for Lemon Garlic Prawns and they looked delectable! The food was great and now I knew why this guy loves this place. Chonas is a nice place to spend a great evening with a friend I must say!